It’s that time of the year where everyone gathers to celebrate family, friends, and giving thanks for all that we have. Also, it’s the time of year when you could be taking that next step with your significant other, and planning to a tee what you’re going to wear to impress his family. When accessorizing for the holidays you never want to steal the spotlight, but a few trendy, standout pieces might be the ticket to starting that conversation with his mom, sister, or cousin.Marlees-Nov-Blog-Meeting-Family-1Earthy tones and warm hues give off a fall vibe that is sure to impress your guys’ family at Thanksgiving. Paring gold with red or brown gives you a festive style, but also comes across as welcoming and open to trying new things. Karine Sultan’s Double Dome Oval Earrings and Marlee’s Beaded Long Necklace make for a perfect low-key style this holiday.Marlees-Nov-Blog-Meeting-Family-2If you’re looking for more of a traditional look this Thanksgiving, than rose gold and silver tones are perfect for you! The sleek, classic look of these styles are great for creating your outfit of the day in a chic way. We suggest pairing a subtle statement bracelet like Serhat Geridonmez Braided Knot Bracelet with standout earrings like Marlee’s Diamond Pave Studs. The elegance of silver and rose gold will give your holiday look a more distinguished touch.

Marlees-Nov-Blog-Meeting-Family-3Make a splash at the Thanksgiving table with more standout pieces. Adding a chunky cuff like Karine Sultans Crystal Cuff Bracelet or a fun necklace like Marlee’s Gold Tone Chain Tassel Necklace are surefire ways to start a conversation this holiday season. Trendy styles never fail to polish off a look for any event or family gathering.


Whichever style you choose, be sure that it’s true to you. Meeting his parents can seem intimidating, especially during the holidays, but as long as you’re being yourself and having fun they will love you!




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