First Date Jewelry | Marlee's

Summertime is perfect for sparking a new romance, but styling yourself for a first date can be stressful. We’ve got some helpful hints on what (and what not) to wear to make a fabulous first impression. Follow our tips and hopefully you’ll dazzle your date into a goodnight kiss!


Comfort First

One of the most unflattering things you can wear on a first date is a look of discomfort. If you’re a flats kind of girl, this is not the time to try out a new pair of sky-high heels. In fact, as tempting as it may be to hit up the mall for a cute new outfit, it’s really not the best time to wear anything new at all. If you’re constantly fighting with an unfamiliar outfit, your date will feel uncomfortable, too.

But, one of our favorite ways to give a not-so-new outfit a fresh look is to pair it with the perfect purse. Consider picking up a shiny new clutch, like this champagne leather clutch3 by Annabel Ingall. Or if you like to play it safe and need a little more space to store your emergency everything (think lipstick, umbrella, mints, etc.), a colorful new bag, like this midnight blue leather tote2 may be just what you need.


Show Some Personality

Your “signature” style may not be featured in Vogue Magazine, but it’s still your style, and should reflect your personality. For example, if you’re easy going, you don’t want to look like you spent hours getting ready. If you have a youthful spirit, consider wearing something a little playful, like a bright romper and a pair of colorful crystal earrings1. Or, if you like a look of sophistication, keep your outfit simple, yet subtly seductive with a little black dress and a vintage Chanel gold necklace6.


Add a Little Meaningful Sparkle

Don’t go overboard with the bling, but do put some thought into what jewelry you wear. Choose pieces that will help your date understand what’s important to you. These Mantrabands7 can subtly give some insight into what makes you happy. Or, if your religion is an important part of your life, consider wearing a piece that reflects your beliefs, like this black and white cross necklace5 or 14K Star of David necklace4.


Most Importantly, Be Yourself!

If all goes well (which we’re sure it will!), this first date may lead to many more. You’ll want to set the stage for an honest relationship, so it’s important to be your whole self from the start. Don’t wear something just because you think your date might like it—wear what makes you happy! When you’re being yourself, your self-confidence will shine, making you simply irresistible!