On October 25, 2008 Kirk Pedersen’s tree stand collapsed upon stepping on it. He fell 20 feet to the ground and was knocked unconscious. Upon awakening he could not move or feel below his shoulders. Because of this, Kirk waited another 6.5 hours for a search party of police, fire, EMS, family, and friends to find him. The following morning, Kirk underwent surgery to fuse his fourth and fifth cervical vertebrae. His current injury classification is an Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury, C5, ASIA Level B.

Kirk was a physical education teacher at Walled Lake Central High School in Walled Lake, Michigan. Year after year he taught his students the importance of embracing a healthy lifestyle. Countless times over the years he has professed his love for teaching and how fortunate he feels to be an educator.

Throughout the years he has continually placed other’s wellbeing before his own. Each month he selects a different charity to make a donation. In addition, he has donated countless service hours to local and state groups and organizations. Kirk has served as a vital asset to the community in which he lives and works.

Thousands of students and a multitude of friends and family members have been influenced by Kirk in an extremely positive way. And now, in his greatest time of need, an opportunity has arisen for us to give something back. We all look forward to the day in which Kirk will reach the summit of his latest challenge. We hope you will join us to participate in the amazing journey.

Marlee’s invites you to a special event benefitting Walled Lake Central High School’s “Kaitlin’s Cause for Mr. Pedersen” Wednesday April 30th from 6-8pm. That evening receive 10% off and 10% of sales will go directly to Mr. Pedersen.  He will use the donation to buy an elevator for his home.  This elevator will allow Kirk to navigate around his home more efficiently and gain a sense of independence from his hard-working parents.

If you’re unable to come to the store that night, shop online and enter coupon code WLCHS from 4/29 thru 5/1/14.





Marlee’s by Tapper’s Partners with Jewish Family Service’s Joy Project, Which Serves Local Women in Need


Marlee’s By Tapper’s is pleased to team up with The Joy Project, an annual initiative of Jewish Family Service (JFS), offering donors an opportunity to make a donation in tribute to women who hold a special place in their hearts. JFS is dedicated to helping individuals and families cope, survive and thrive in an ever-changing world.

How it works: Anyone can send a tribute card to a mother, grandmother, wife, sister, aunt or other special women by making an $18 donation through JFS. In turn, JFS will send a beautiful card to each honoree with a personal message. The donation will help provide essential services to women in need and each of those women will also receive a Mother’s Day gift, donated by Marlee’s.

This year Marlee’s donated Lily and Laura bracelets, which are handmade in Nepal with the finest glass beads in the world. In keeping with the joyful theme, Marlee’s selected this item from Lily and Laura because the company pays more than fair wages to the artisans in Nepal thereby improving the quality of their lives.

Last year, The Joy Project raised nearly $40,000 to support programs for women and children served by JFS, including counseling services, emergency financial assistance, domestic violence intervention and many other safety net programs that help families through difficult times. JFS programs helped more than 1,300 women in the community in 2013, thanks in part to the success of The Joy Project.

JFS supporter Elanah Nachman Hunger created The Joy Project in 2010 in honor of her mother, Joy Nachman, and her grandmother, Suzanne Orley. Since the project was launched, its scope and impact have grown each year through the generosity of the individuals and businesses in the community.

To purchase a tribute card, please visit To place an order for more than 10 cards, please call 248-592-2673, or email Orders placed by May 1 should arrive by Mother’s Day, which is May 11. Please allow at least two extra weeks for delivery of orders out of the country.

For more great Mother’s Day gift ideas, please visit Marlee’s online at, or call 248.380.9900.




Every day we benefit from the amazing reaches of our global economy. We throw on a pair of jeans made in Bangladesh, a tee shirt sewn in Peru, a jacket constructed in rural China and then grab a handbag crafted in Italy before heading out the door. But how do these distant places benefit from us? A handful of jewelry and accessories designers have answered the call to give back to both our society here at home and those faraway countries where so many of our daily worn items are created. Marlee’s wants to recognize their great contribution to fashion, culture and society.



Chan Luu, Faire Collection and Wakami are all companies that have found a way to bring sustainable business acumen to indigenous people of countries stricken with a high poverty rate. Chan Luu’s E.F.I. Collection (Ethical Fashion International) brings us the work of artisans in both Kenya and Haiti. Each region uses their own particular expertise to create beautiful works of art. Chan implores us to remember that it is “not charity, just work,” and the designer’s partnership with local artisans is the tool in which sustainable industries are forged in these underdeveloped regions. Brightly colored glass seed beads are hand sewn onto raw leather to create intricate wrap bracelets by one of 387 Kenyans in Nairobi. In Haiti, artisans create intricately wrought beads out of paper. By tightly wrapping the colorful strips, they form the building blocks for Chan Luu to fashion startlingly flamboyant necklaces and bracelets that scarcely look like the paper they once were.



Since 2008, the Faire Collection, formerly the Andean Collection, has been a driving force in helping artisans to find “a path to prosperity.” With artisans in Vietnam, Peru, Swaziland and Ecuador, founder Amanda Judge strives to create a fair trade in connecting artisans in underprivileged communities with the global market. In her academic research into strategies for reducing poverty in rural South America, Judge stumbled upon the realization that sustainable economic growth could be achieved by utilizing the existing skills of the native artisans. Faire Collection not only partners with these craftspeople to bring their work to the global stage, but provides them with in-depth training, giving them the skills to manage their own business to build for their future and educate their children, ensuring a more successful society for the next generation. Using skills these artisans already possessed, like weaving and carving, the Faire Collection brings us incredible pieces like the neutral tones of hand-dyed tagua chips in our favorite hand-crafted necklace from Ecuador: The Galapagos.



In Guatemala, Maria Pacheco is doing similar good work with local craftspeople. Partnering with the non-profit group Comunidades de la Tierra, Pacheco founded Wakami with her cousin Queta Rodriguez in 2006. The pair helped to translate the ancient basket-weaving skills of Guatemalan artisans, mostly women, into a sustainable economic endeavor to generate income and opportunities for those in rural communities throughout Jocotán and other regions. The results are pieces like this rose tone and gray wrap bracelet, the perfect wear-every-day-piece. Wakami gives these craftspeople the chance to not only earn a viable wage, but to learn business practices in order to sustain themselves and their families. They complete a two year business training program before actually becoming Wakami partners.



On the other side of the world, companies like DConstruct are working to preserve our world for future generations by using recycled materials in all of their pieces. The Canadian based endeavor wants to sustain a safe and clean environment, and make sure we look chic while doing it. Cuffs, like this fascinating piece, while minimalist in design, is inspired by the natural world and formed from reused architectural materials, containing at minimum 40% pre-consumer recycled material.



Community always starts at home, and while these incredible designers around the world have brought us the creative output from a plethora of international artisans, there are worthy causes to support right here in our own backyard. Ella Designs, the enterprise of mother/daughter team Elizabeth and Lauren, uses their jewelry to support a deeply personal cause. In honor of their son and brother, Michael Guz, Ella Designs donates 50% of all proceeds from jewelry sales to the Heinz C. Prechter Bipolar Research Fund at the University of Michigan Depression Center. A reminder of the struggles that many Americans face each day, purchasing pieces like this silver-toned flower pendant, can help to eventually find a cure and new treatments for this disorder.

While global economic initiatives have helped to make our world smaller, there is still a vast population around the globe who can use our help. Marlee’s strives to bring you pieces that have a conscious. Allow your jewelry to not only make a statement, but to be a statement by showing support for these international artisans.






Marlee’s by Tapper’s introduces the Nazira line of handcrafted jewelry and embroidered items. Created by Khanaqa (Khan) and Nazira, a husband and wife from Afghanistan, the collection features original, intricate, handmade tribal designs made with German silver and precious stones, such as lapis lazuli, agate, and glass beads. The pieces found at Marlee’s are the first items available in the Detroit area.

The story behind this beautiful jewelry is both heartbreaking and heartwarming.

Khan and his wife Nazira were operating a successful jewelry factory in Afghanistan, which provided jobs for nearly 200 men and piecework for women. Nazira had also received a grant from CARE International to develop an enterprise offering widows the opportunity to create beautiful embroidered shawls, scarves, pillows and other linens, from traditional designs.

Although in Afghan villages it is forbidden for women to be educated or to work outside their homes, Khan encouraged his wife and daughters to be cultured. Women, who were not permitted outside their homes unless accompanied by a man, now had the means to earn a living and to feed their children.

While on a business trip to New York City in 2011, Khan received word he must not return home or he would be arrested and most likely killed. His entire family was in danger.

The United States Government granted Khan asylum in 2012 and he lived at Freedom House in Detroit, a shelter for victims of torture, persecution and human trafficking. His family was forced to live in hiding in Afghanistan until November 2013 when they were finally reunited.

Today, Khan and Nazria are in the process of setting up their business in Michigan. Marlee’s will host an event and fundraiser from 6-8 p.m. Thursday, April 24 at its Twelve Oaks Mall location to showcase their collection. The event is free and open to the public. 20 percent of the proceeds that evening will benefit Freedom House Detroit.

For more information about Freedom House, visit To learn more able Marlee’s, please visit or call 248.380.9900





Nothing sets the mood for a spring break holiday more than the perfect ensemble. Each pending chapter to your journey should be filled with your personal fashion travel essentials. As you set to write this next entry into your travel diary, let us guide the style portion of your adventure.



Beginning with your travel gear, remember that what you bring is almost as important as what you bring it in. Our favorite travel tote for this season is the Big Sur Tote by Florabella Accessories1, with its roomy interior you won’t forget a thing, and the straw exterior just defines vacation. The trick now is to travel smart – spring fashion is all about fresh, effortless style, as we put those months of being bundled and covered up behind us.

If your travel garb is light and airy, so should your accessories. Two outfits per day should get you through, a day look and one for night. Accessories that can be mixed, matched and layered are key. We love pairing a white shirt dress with wispy layers of necklaces like our exclusive collections of long beaded necklaces from Boheme, particularly the Feather Charm & Teal2 – since green is still holding its own this season – mixed with a Green & Gunmetal3 strand.  Feel free to mix your metals, taking a cue from Elements, whose green and blue sapphire slice rings4 pair gold vermeil with sterling silver to create depth and texture within each piece. A canvas wedge sandal in a tribal print is a perfect daytime shoe, but if your trip involves a bit more trekking, a flat leather thong sandal pairs perfectly with any sun dress or chemise and shorts combo.



For beach days, probably a big part of your spring holiday, keep up your designer style from head to toe. Just because you wear less on the beach, doesn’t mean you have to forget about fashion. You and your long line bikini can still rock your spring break style with the help of a beaded headphone necklace5 by PC Wireless functional fashion at its best. Wrap your wrists in our exclusive Triple Wrap bracelets6 by Boehme. We can’t get enough of mixing textures with silver beads, pearls and black leather. Your travel tote, which can double as your beach bag, should always have your essentials. Pack your sunscreen, lip gloss and a great pair of designer shades in one of our choice Bam makeup bags7.



A night out on the town and dancing till dawn requires more than a little eyeliner and a killer pair of platform sandals. Maximize your miniskirt with the right clutch. A little glitz goes a long way with Moyna’s Fuchsia Beaded Fold-Over bag8, and the pop of color doesn’t hurt either. You can keep your night attire in dark or neutral tones, but use your accessories to make your look. We like stacks of rings for the nightlife, with lots of gold tones like our Love Knot Ring9 from Michael Kors Jewelry and Lacey Ryan’s “V” Midi Ring10. Pull your hair back tight to show your neckline, arguably every woman’s sexiest feature, because you should always own that one statement necklace that truly completes the outfit. We love anything from Alexis Bittar11, the perfect mix of organic shapes and sumptuous materials to bring it all together.



Bring a little Michigan to your warm weather retreat with a homegrown piece like our Tye Dye Scarf12 from Brightly Twisted. You never know when a cool night could find you needing a little extra coverage. A stroll on the beach as the sun comes up might find you wistful, dreamy, and barefoot, but never without the right accessories. An oversized tee with some cropped leggings just needs the right pendant to be the perfect look. In your choice of silver or gold tone, the Triple Circle Pendant13 by Stroili Oro speaks for itself. Pair that with a couple of bangles from Halcyon Days14, and you can come home knowing you had the most stylish spring break.





Six months ago, behind closed doors, under bright lamps, pins jammed into mannequins, jewelry designers around the world contributed work to a massive trust — what would become this year’s vision for another spring season. 

We’ve pulled from that trust. We see emeralds; drop earrings, vermeil and geometric shapes. This spring, Marlee’s by Tapper’s is getting back to the basics.

Minimalist Minis


Jennifer Heebner, senior editor of JCKOnline, previewed the season’s jewelry trends — specifically noting a predilection for minimalist stones and geometric shapes.

“Think stud earrings, bar or stick motifs, and other sleek, uncomplicated silhouettes that will subtly enhance spring’s angular frocks, graphic prints and logos and menswear-inspired styles,” said Heebner. “Strong geometric forms like pyramids and circles perfectly parallel these designs.”

We’ve got you covered: Our exclusive Glisten Collection features circular pavé charms on yellow gold and sterling silver necklaces that, indeed, pair nicely with Dana Rebecca Design’s bar earrings and rings.


Bold Statements


At Marlee’s, we pride ourselves in enabling each of our guests to express and make bold their individuality. So we’ve stocked our inventory with the in-bijou that requires no excess accessories: The statement necklace.

In February, trendsetter and new mom Kate Middleton arrived at London’s National Portrait Gallery wearing a diamond drop cluster at her collarbone. Actress Jennifer Lawrence donned a diamond, platinum and crystal vertical piece to March’s Academy Awards.

In that same spirit, we offer Pono’s Watermelon Double Row Bib, Lele Sadoughi’s Moon & Sun Necklace and Stroili Oro’s Evanescence Large Circle Pendant.\


Stacked and Layered


The bohemian chic (boho) style creates a custom-made freedom. Whereas the statement necklace is best suited on its own, springtime boho accessories like bangles, earrings and rings scream to be mixed and matched. They beg to be storytellers.  

“I wear the same rings every day — and I am completely attached to each one,” writes Vogue Accessories Editor Selby Drummond. “They were all given to me by someone important in my life.” 
Try a pair of Marlee’s studs along the ridge of your ear, perfect for that minimalist look; stack Wakami beads with a link bracelet by Ella Designs; or complement the slender Dana Rebecca Designs Black Rhodium White Gold Sylvie Rose Ring with a love knot by Michael Kors.


Alice in Chains


Chains say edge. Toughness. They cut through the cute of prints and work well with jeans.

“The prevalence of crop tops on spring runways, Jennifer Lawrence’s backlace at the Oscars, the punk trend, and the growing popularity of ear cuffs will all help fuel sales to a niche of quasi-cosmopolitan customers who are comfortable in the spotlight,” notes Heebner.

Go rocker with Michael Kors’ Silver Link Crystal Bracelet and Pono’s Chrome Water Drop Necklace.


Crystal Clear


Just as boho is a throwback, Lucite-brand jewelry is making its return with fervor. While transparent in its natural state, Lucite can easily be molded, colored and imbedded — making it a perfect canvas for makers interested in smooth, chunky curvatures.

Inspired by Bakelite and Lalique glass, our designer Alexis Bittar was once called the “Lucite king” for his intricate hand-carving, hand-painting and gilding work with the medium. But he’s broadened his repertoire. His Lucite Crystal Grey Blue Crescent Necklace incorporates both Swarovski crystal and goldtone.

This spring, create your personal style, beautifully. Lift your spirit; enhance your life and look fabulous.





We just received our copy of the April issue of HOUR Detroit magazine and we we’re completely blown away with their accessories feature, “Into The Deep”!


We had a great time working with stylist, Rebecca Voigt of paper + cloth and were very happy that she decided to incorporate our Stroili Oro cuff into the story.



This gold base metal bypass bracelet has a textured brush finish and features bezel set crystals that run along the edge. The bracelet measures 1.2″ wide and sells for $198. You can order the bracelet here on our webstore.





Marlee’s Welcomes Halcyon Days to our Twelve Oaks and West Bloomfield locations with a trunk show this weekend!

Friday, 3/28: Visit our West Bloomfield boutique (located inside Tapper’s Diamonds & Fine Jewelry) from noon to 5

Saturday, 3/29: Enjoy the trunk show all day at our Twelve Oaks flagship store where we’ll be serving complimentary English tea from 10am to 2pm.

Receive a gift with purchase when you spend $200 and more during trunkshow days. You’ll also receive double StylePoints on each Halcyon Days purchase. During each trunk show we’ll be raffling off a limited edition bangle- be sure to stop in and enter to win!

To shop the collection online please visit:

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 11.55.48 AM

About Halcyon Days:

The appeal of Halcyon Days Enamels lies in their superb quality and in the association with the 18th century – an age of great style and elegance. Their imaginative designs are frequently inspired by artifacts in famous museums.

Halcyon Days was founded in 1950 and is among the rare international shops to specialize in both antique and contemporary collectors’ items.

The company is honored to have been granted royal warrants by Their Majesties The Queen and The Queen Mother, and Their Royal Highnesses Prince Philip and The Prince of Wales as the first ever and only ‘Suppliers of Objets d’Art’ and is one of only six companies to hold all four royal warrants.

Halcyon Days’ enamel jewelry are incomparable collectors’ items. They are direct descendants of the rare and beautiful enamels of 18th-century England. They are made by craftspeople in Bilston, the traditional English center of enameling on copper. Prized by collectors all over the world, both as tokens of taste and sentiment and as small works of art, they are the antiques of tomorrow.






Marlee’s is pleased to be one of only two stores in the entire state of Michigan to carry the Alex and Ani Sacred Studs Collection!

The Sacred Studs Collection is an opportunity to express your distinctive energy with symbolic, patented expandable wire bangles, rings, necklaces, and earrings. Thoughtfully crafted with sacred symbols and (+) Color stones, these sliding metallic studs are a simple reminder of your unique and significant strength.

Please feel free to visit our flagship store located at Twelve Oaks Mall or any one of our boutiques inside Tapper’s Diamonds & Fine Jewelry to shop the collection.





We’re always excited when a stylist comes to us to asking to use our baubles for a photoshoot. Below are a few images from the main editorial feature, Paint, in the March/April issue of Detroit’s own Ambassador magazine.

These bright colors are definitely curing our winter blues and inspiring future outfits for Spring!



Lele Sadoughi Moon & Sun reversible necklace, $325  Click here to shop the necklace




Alexis Bittar lucite and Swarovski crystal link necklace, $345  Click here to shop the necklace




Lele Sadoughi gold plated link bracelet, $365 Click here to shop the bracelet