This is a big deal: Meeting his parents for the very first time – after all he could be THE one. You want to make sure to be yourself while making a good first impression, so choose an ensemble that feels like you. The best way to be comfortable in your own skin is to mix the new with the old. Every special event warrants the purchase of a new article, but we think that wearing something you love, a blouse you know brings out your baby blues, or a figure flattering skirt that hits you in all the right places, and pairing that with something new and exciting, like a killer pair of drop earrings or a trendy wrap bracelet, can make all the difference.


No matter where his parents stand on the spectrum of conservative versus liberal, they are still his parents and you have snatched up their precious young man — so dress to impress without revealing too much skin or bring too covered up. Remember that first impressions are lasting, and even if we don’t want to admit it, we see with our eyes first. Maybe it’s not so PC to say so, but they will probably make a couple of judgments on how you look right out of the gate, just as you’ll do with them. Depending on the setting of this first meeting, dress appropriately for a night out or a simple dinner at the family home. No one wants to see four-inch heels and a cocktail dress for Sunday brunch, and you certainly don’t want to be the only one in a tee shirt and cut offs at a five star restaurant. Take special care to get the details on the setting for this meeting as you set about curate your look.



To keep it casual, we recommend staying trendy and cute. A jersey maxi dress with a chunky necklace like an oval linked necklace from Pono and a complementary bracelet like this Alexis Bittar piece could be the perfect ensemble. If you are going to their home, always make sure to bring a little something, a dessert or a potted plant, and bring yourself in a cotton lace flared dress, belted around the waist and a long chain necklace like this turquoise and gold clover necklace that looks great on its own or doubled around the neck. Add a couple Jan Lewis bangles in different shapes to add some dimension and to punch up the color.


For a more upscale evening go with a classy cocktail dress that isn’t too glitzy. Although you want to make a great statement to his folks, you don’t want to get any negative attention. An asymmetrical neckline with a simple pendant and chain like the Meira T druzy and diamond charm necklace makes a pretty statement without overdoing it. Alternately, a fitted sheath dress in a textured fabric would be stunning with a great pair of earrings that can stand alone without a necklace, but could also be great with a single sleek black diamond bangle. Remember to pack light for your first meeting if it’s just a meal between the four of you, with our perpetual favorite little clutch — you don’t want to look as if you come with too much baggage!


If you have to travel to visit his parents, you’ll need a great big roomy tote for the weekend. Remember to bring a good mix of casual and dressy, in order to prepare for day and evening meals and activities. Bring something sporty and comfortable, just in case they are the outdoorsy type of family, but remember to accessorize even when in your most casual tee shirt and shorts ensemble with a tiny stud earring and a macrame bracelet. For the daytime, maybe a cotton blouse and poplin pants will do the trick, with a simple necklace like this triple gray diamond piece and a textured cuff bracelet. Step it up for dinner by adjusting the accessories to something a bit more evening appropriate, a sparklier version of that necklace and cuff pairing. You might have packed light on the clothing, but there’s always room for jewelry and accessories.

When you choose simple garments that feel comfortable, you will look just how you feel. Stepping up your look with a little bit of smart accessorizing can take an outfit and your mom-likability from zero to ten in no time. Impress those ‘rents with your style savvy, so they know their son is in capable hands.




What better color to represent these hot summer months than red? Scarlet, cherry, crimson, coral or rose – by any other name is still red hot. Rock your red hot summer style with some of these choice picks from our ever-growing and evolving collection. Ride the heat wave of summer in style with some of our favorites that utilize the sizzling hue of the hottest sunset. Like the setting sun, reds appear in nature in many shades, creating a rainbow of color within its own special spectrum.


From the sweet pinks and corals of seashells within the ocean’s depths to the deep fierce red of rubies and garnets, nature supplies us with a broad overview of red tones. Love life and live it to the fullest this summer with this rose vermeil “live” necklace, whose rose-toned plating is warm and perfect for your weekend tee shirt and shorts look. Need to dress it up a bit but love the warm, lush tone of rose gold? We love the classy bling of this Michael Kors slim crystal bangle watch that does double duty as bracelet and timepiece.


For a night out on a sizzling Saturday evening, dress up a tank top and midi skirt with these ruby quartz drop earrings whose warm yellow gold setting adds to the brilliant vermillion of the faceted tear drop stones. Go deep and brooding with this dyed ruby necklace, whose bezel set round faceted stones are nuzzled within their dark oxidized silver frames, an ideal piece for a dress with an open neckline. On the more orange side of red, we have these carnelian drop leaf earrings whose red-orange tone resembles the fiery hue of a persimmon or habanero pepper, a nice way to spice up your summer look. A loose ponytail with these dangling from your ears could be the perfect summer look to take you from the office to happy hour and beyond.


Looking for perhaps a more subtle approach to red for your summer ensemble? Just a touch of brilliant garnet makes this perfect little charm necklace something to talk about. Add a bit of red hot style to any charm bracelet or chain with this garnet briolette charm, wrapped in your choice of gold or silver wire. For a daytime friendly look, opt to get your crimson fix from a softer source, like the tassels of these silk thread fringe earrings or the macramé of this bracelet featuring the ever protective evil eye embedded on a pave bar charm, these look great layered two or three deep. Even the many shades of red need a little break sometimes, so add some variety by mixing metallics and layering a bunch of these gunmetal and rose gold beaded strand necklaces. The smooth surface of red beads is only enhanced by its silver charms in this great daytime red bead coin necklace.


A little scarlet for a night out helps to quell the summer heat as the sun begins to set. Layer a collection of red enameled bangles, mixing a Grecian mosaic red and gold style with a scaly salamander design. Add a deep and pure ribbon of cherry red with one more solid red bangles, because three is just better than two. Candy apple red never looked so decadent as this red crystal rock bracelet, an iridescent landscape of shifting shades of vibrant red adorn a wide leather band and offer a great evening piece. Looking for a bold pop of red? We love the stark modernity of this black and red Movado watch, whose red hands create clean smooth lines over a sleek, solid black watch face. Another little pop of red can be seen in these sterling dangling earrings, with just three little snippets of red within the stones surrounded in a glistening waterfall of silver.


Open yourself up to the possibility of red, allowing the spectrum of red hot to extend to the ends of the range from pink to purple. Each color variation is red reincarnate and we are especially impressed with the variety of ruby colors in these ruby slice ring, a rich misty rose color, and these drop earrings, a deep earthy aubergine.

No matter how you define your favorite shade of red, the possibilities are endless in the red hot field of crimson jewels. Make sure your summer is red hot with any of these brilliant choices.




Today we discuss the latest trend in fashion and design: Social Conscious Brands. This up-and-coming movement has some of the biggest who’s who in the industry committing to business plans that enable their clientele to support a cause through their purchases. In a time when companies often appear to put profit first, it is refreshing to see that many successful brands are on-board with the give-back movement.

These socially responsible brands lend us the opportunity to escape the monotony of factory-brands and divulge in products and companies that we can be proud to support. Whether the brand support communities with financial donations, donation of physical goods like the “one for one” movement, or by creating employment opportunities, these brands make it easy for you to participate in important causes.

As a company that lives by the motto of ‘Service above Self’, Marlee’s is proud to be connected to these give-back brands. Let us tell you about a few of our favorites.




Wakami functions from a unique business model. The brand has created a partnership with artisans in rural Guatemala, giving much-needed jobs to impoverished communities. Their distinctive designs incorporate the traditional weaving skills found in local Guatemalan culture. The brand encourages independence as well, by enabling artisan entrepreneurs to start their own businesses and become production partners with the Wakami brand. The brand’s give back model has gained a lot of momentum creating high demand for their colorful, woven bracelets.





Faire Collection operates from the belief that income increases and employment opportunities are only the first step in solving deep-rooted poverty. The brand partners with artisans in Vietnam, Ecuador, and Swaziland, offering them not only employment, but also a wide range of holistic programs that give them the tools to succeed independently. By purchasing one of their beautiful handcrafted pieces, you not only look good, but you participate in supporting sustainable programs such as high school and university scholarships, disaster assistance funds, and no-interest loans to jumpstart family businesses.





Dconstruct Jewelry is a design and manufacturing company based out of Canada. Each unique, eco-friendly piece contributes to solving national and international issues from pollution to poverty. Their products are made from a combination of recycled resin and organic materials and textiles that are sourced from artisan communities in developing countries around the world. Through these intentional practices, Dconstruct boosts impoverished economies by supporting skill-building and small businesses.




Listen up Marlee’s Girls, because this week’s blog is all about you!

Instagram is one of the most interactive technologies to come out in a long while; we love the opportunity it lends us to share our lives with dear friends near and far. The app has given us a front row seat to the work of our favorite designers, enabling us to pick up on trends as they emerge. But the designers are only half of the story, you are the other half.

Every day you take home the beautiful pieces created by our talented designers. We’re dying to know how our Marlee’s Girls rock their purchases on the daily.


Marlee’s invites you to win $150 of in-store purchases by participating in our Marlee’sYOU contest!

What do you have to do?

Simply snap a photo of yourself wearing one of your Marlee’s purchases and upload it to Instagram with the tag @marleesbytappers and the hashtag #MarleesYou. At the end of the month, we’ll select a winner based off of which selfie gets the most likes on Instagram.


Step 1: Say Cheese!

Choose a Marlee’s piece, put it on, and snap a picture using your Instagram app!

Step 2: Hashtag:

Don’t forget to type our hashtag : MarleesYou


Step 3: Tag It!

Tag your photo with: marleesbytappers



Step 4: Upload It!

upload it

Step 5: Get those Likes!

Spread the word and get all the Instagram likes you can!



The rest is up to us!



This contest is open to everyone. A previous purchase from Marlee’s by Tapper’s is necessary.  The product must have been purchased directly through the company’s website, or purchased in a Marlee’s store.



To enter this contest, the selected photo must contain a Marlee’s purchase on the person. The photo must be uploaded to Instagram and tagged @marleesbytappers along with the hashtag #Marlee’sYou.




The prize is a $150 certificate to Marlee’s by Tapper’s, redeemable in-store only. The winner will be selected on the last day of the month and the prize will be redeemable for a period of 3 months after that.




They say to dress for the job you want, not the one you’ve got, and being an intern gives you a dress rehearsal before your first real world gig out of school. Take this opportunity to practice the art of mixing the professional with the trendy to be the best dressed intern in your office.

Take your cue from those to whom you report. Learn to be a good observer because ultimately you want to match their level of dressed up or casual attire. You want to stand out for your performance, but not for being either under or over dressed in your particular work place. For a work environment that has all the men in suits and the women in jackets and pumps, you can still be creative with your buttoned up look by accessorizing. If you have to wear a blazer and panty hose, make your look young and fresh with some skinny bangles and a statement ring.


If your office abides by the ‘business causal’ mantra, then the men probably wear button downs or polo shirts tucked into suit pants. The rule here is no jeans, but you don’t have to go as far as suit and tie. Keep it classy with a pencil skirt, something that at least hits your knee. You want to make sure to err on the side of modesty in an office environment. A button down blouse tucked in is made a bit more special by a long strand or two cascading over top. Mix something with a bit of color, like this green Peruvian chalcedony cube necklace1 by Michele Saulson with something more monochrome like Chan Luu chain necklace2 with silver beads.  This Karine Sultan triple chain necklace3 takes the guess work out of layering by doing the job for you with three separate strands at different lengths. Even if you opt for a jacket, utilize your youth and trend-seeking ability and keep your look updated with a pair of small pretty earrings for just a bit of sparkle. Something like these rutilated teardrop earrings4 in a neutral tone add just a small punch of pretty to your outfit.  Mixing metals is a great daytime work look with these Adel Chefrid gold and silver earrings5.


A great office look is always a good mix of pizza and caviar: take a high-end dressy item and pair it with an inexpensive piece, accessorize a bit and you’ve got great style. We like a simple clean white or pastel tee and a pair of killer high waisted suit pants with a mixed and matched batch of bracelets like this three piece beaded set by Lacey Ryan6 to break up the solid lines of your attire. A great form fitting dress that hits below the knee is updated with the addition of a bold and colorful necklace that sits on your collar like this berry tagua bib necklace7.


Dresses are great work attire because it’s one and done on the garment scene and then you can accessorize a bit to make the look more you. Crew neck dresses with necklaces that layer over top have the perfect professional polish like this double row silver disc necklace9. With a scooped neckline, skip the décolletage for the workplace, and pair with a pretty pendant like this gold disc necklace10 or diamond bar necklace in rose gold11. Add a couple of coordinating pieces like these matching rose gold bar earrings12 and a pair of peeptoe heels and you’re ready to go.


If your work place has a more casual vibe, don’t get stuck into the jeans and tee shirt monotony without adding a more personal touch. A lacey blouse with a cropped jacket and a pair of skinny jeans are dressed up just a touch with a drop earring13 and some wedges. A cotton jersey flared skirt with a Racerback tank tucked in works perfectly with a matching palette for ears and neck like this coordinating silver thread necklace14 and earrings15.

A great look for all body types is the fit and flare dress, something that hugs the right places but is still professional enough for the work atmosphere. Nip in your waist with a decorative belt and some chunky wrist candy and you’ve got a polished, trendy look that’s equal parts young professional and stylish go-getter.

If you look the part, you’ll feel the part, and you can focus on the job at hand and hopefully learn from this intern experience. You might just impress someone important with your style savvy and positive attitude – and land a position after graduation.




Tucked away in Livonia’s industrial neighborhood, a light-filled warehouse space houses the magical workshop of Brightly Twisted. The floors are sprinkled with splashes of color, bright gauzy scarves rustle on numerous racks, and bundles of fabric soak in tubs of richly hued dyes. This warehouse is where the born-and-bred Michigan artists, Tammy and Greg, have brought their dreams into existence, whipping up the tie-dyed creations that we can’t seem to get enough of.

The Michigan based company produces one-of-a-kind pieces, a breath of fresh air in a marketplace saturated with mass-produced goods. Influenced by traditional tie-dying techniques, Brightly Twisted employs their own unique and thoroughly modern approach of dying to create upscale women’s clothing, accessories, and home goods. For 9 years the company operated out of Greg’s basement, until Tammy joined him in 2006. Together, they refined and perfected their dying techniques.  Today, the company is a nationally recognized design and dye company, selling in hundreds of stores across the globe.

I was lucky enough to spend a gorgeous Saturday morning at the Livonia studio with the incredibly sweet Tammy. For a few golden hours, I was immersed into the world of Brightly Twisted. I learned about their distinctive design process, heard about Greg and Tammy’s incredible journey from schoolteachers to creative designers of a successful company, and got a sneak peak into what the future holds for Brightly Twisted. I even got my hands dirty with a little tie-dye experimentation of my own!

Read our one-on-one interview with Tammy to get your own glimpse into the charmed world of Brightly Twisted!


So I’m really wondering, what does your typical day look like?

We start at around 7:30. There are 4 of us that come in and start the rinse, which means everything we dyed the night before, we are rinsing. The office people come in and start accruing what we have to ship for the day, and the processor comes in about an hour later, when things are just getting out of the drier. She works on tagging, looking for flaws, ironing, and packing. We ship about 75 to 100 pieces a day!

Wow that’s a lot of pieces! From start to finish, when you are making one piece, how long does it usually take?

It’s tricky; we’ve tried to figure that out, because it’s done in little chunks. You soak a scarf for 15 minutes, then you twist the scarf, which takes about 8 minutes, and you do about 10 at a time. You manipulate the fabric and rubber band it. Then you go over and dye each one, which can take anywhere from 5-8 minutes. The next step is soaking them overnight and you finally rinse them the next morning. So we think it takes about 45 minutes a scarf.


What’s the design process-how do you choose your colors? Do you usually have something in mind before you begin a piece?

Each of us does it differently. We’ve talked about that before, I don’t know what I’m going to do as far as color; I know the designs I want to do.

We typically repeat many of the same designs using varying colors, but we experiment each day. Particularly on Fridays, when we’re not in mass-production, we try new things with the fabric.


Are you ever surprised by what turns out?

Always! Everyday is something new! We don’t know what’s going to happen, there’s a mystery behind dying, and that’s the part we like. You can control it too, but you have to be very precise. I like the unusualness of it and trying to see what happens if I try something new.


Yea! That’s exciting! It makes every piece unique.

Tammy: Yes, exactly. And I tend to get very bored easily, that’s my personality, so with this job that never happens!


I’m the same, that’s great! So, when you first started were you dying apparel or just scarves?

Our wholesale business was in scarves, and at art fairs we always did clothing, we never did scarves. We did women’s clothes primarily, because it’s usually women who attend art fairs with their children, so we made children’s clothes too. We also made t-shirts for men.

I wore a scarf at a trade show in Vegas, and a sales rep saw it and really liked it. That’s when we started doing wholesale with the scarves. Which is great, because it’s one size, one product, and that allowed us to learn how to manufacture and get into the wholesale business. Now we have about 5 scarves that we make, and we usually add about 3 new ones every season. So we’ll be offering 8 this winter!


Do you still make children’s clothes?

Yes! They’re really cute. We sell them wholesale, so we only sell them out of here, or for friends, or online. It’s one of my favorite things to do.

So, yes we sold clothes. But we never sewed them. We bought anything cotton or rayon or silk that you can dye on.


So those are the 3 materials you use?

Yes, they have to be natural because of the type of dye we use.


So each piece is one of a kind. I know Greg, your husband, taught you the technique, but where did he pick up it up?

He’s self-taught; he looked at books from the library and videos. He’s a teacher so he knew how to teach himself! I like to be taught. I like someone to show me how to do things, but he likes to figure it out himself.


How many years did it take to build up his methods?

Well, I’ve looked at some of his old things, and it was much more similar to traditional tie-dyes with those bright blues, reds, yellow, and purples. But then he started playing with color more. He has an innate ability to make beautiful women’s clothes, but he’s not into fashion at all! He’s an artist and his clothes portray color in a way that I have not seen tie-dye do before.

So I learned from him, and we taught Emily and Zack, who each have their own way of doing it now. We teach the next person coming in what we know and then we’ll leave them alone and they usually come up with something amazing. We give them the skills as a foundation and then they grow on their own.


So you give them room to blossom on their own.

Yes! That’s all they need to come up with something great!


Where do you envision the tie-dye going in the future? Do you picture it just staying in apparel and fashion or do you picture taking it somewhere else?

Yes! I’ve always had a really big thought about it. Let me tell you how it started.It was one of those Aha! moments, and you don’t get many in your lire, where you are just positive that you see something or you know you are right. I’ve had 3 in all of my life! This one was when I didn’t know how to tie-dye yet, but I did a favor for Greg and sold for him at the Ann Arbor art fair. I noticed at the art fair, right away, people were coming out of the woodwork, looking for his dresses that he had tie-dyed. The dress body wasn’t even nice! It was just a plain dress, but the dye was so beautiful. There were so many people looking for him, I thought, this is something, this is not the normal selling. There was a frenzy about it! I observed that at all the fairs I started working at, that people were really drawn to the work that he did. I figured out that it was the one-of-a-kind appeal. Each person was trying to present their own identity in what they were wearing or choosing.

I saw it more as art than necessarily as fashion. When they wanted to wholesale the scarves, I had a feeling that it would create quite an impact in the world of tie-dye. And it did!

I’d like for when you hear Brightly Twisted, for you to know what you are getting: -tie-dye clothes, the best that you can probably get anywhere.

So I do see it expanding. We’ve printed it onto pillows and fabrics already. I don’t see any reason why we couldn’t move into upholstery and maybe dishes. I’d love to see it printed on pottery. It would be beautiful.


That sounds amazing. I’d love to have a whole set of tie-dye dishes!

Wouldn’t that be cool! All mix and match, but with the same color palette!


Sounds dreamy. How long do you think you will stay in this space for? It’s so huge!

I don’t see us leaving, primarily because of the landlord. He’s so easy to work with. I could see us expanding, and moving into Detroit as well, but that would be with more growth, rather than us leaving here.


Okay! I really can’t wait to see what comes next for you guys!

A final thank you to Tammy  for your time. I had so much fun exploring Brightly Twisted with you!




Summer style should have the appearance of being effortless. Like loose layered necklaces and fresh, colorful bracelets paired with easy, cotton fit and flare dresses. The season thrives on life, on staying up late as the sun lingers longer and longer into the evening hours, and waking up to rays of sunlight peering in through your sheer bedroom curtains, gingerly billowing from a subtle breeze before the blazing sky becomes too hot to bear by midday. Start the season right with great pieces to punch up your summer style for those important moments with your special someone.



Let the setting of your summer date dictate your style assets. Remember that comfort is key, but style and comfort can absolutely coexist. Your date might very well be a daytime affair this summer, and a picnic in the park calls for a perfect little cami dress in cotton voile. The spaghetti straps leave your neckline open as the ideal canvas for a bright and colorful piece like this pink ruby slice pendant1. Its bold cut and pave diamond frame will become the focal point of your ensemble. What goes better with finger sandwiches than finger rings? We’re still hot on midi rings2 for summer — wear one or two to enhance your digits.  Of course you’ll need something to pack that picnic in, so choose a great tote like one of these great up-cycled pieces from Preloved3.


You might also find yourself in the park for a summer concert with your beau, so you can dress up your look to be a little bit more rock and roll. Since there will probably be a crowd, this date is more on the casual side, but it’s still a great way for you to enjoy a fantastic experience together and look chic while doing it. A fitted high-waisted skirt with studded sandals and a flowy tank beg for long lengths in necklaces. Try mixing and matching some of our selections with gold and emerald tones4 and add even more color with a three-strand beaded tassel necklace with a pop of yellow5. If you really want to take the guesswork out of necklace layering, we have the look for you with the Marlee’s Exclusive multi-strand graduated glass bead necklace6 in earthy tones. Add a simple and uncomplicated stud earring7 to finish the look, tuck your hair behind your ears, and you’re good to go. Whether you’re attending an all-day music festival or just a single artist for the evening, easy and polished is the way to go.


Do you like breathing new life into old things? One woman’s junk is another woman’s treasure, so maybe you want to spend the day exploring a flea market with a special companion. Comfort and style can work together, and a printed maxi skirt8 with a solid ribbed tank or tee seems the best uniform for this type of day. Pair with flats for all the walking you’ll do, and bring a decent sized bag like the Isabella tote in forest leather9 for the gems you’ll snag as you scavenge and unearth hidden treasures. Long dangling earrings like the triple freeform earrings by Michele Saulson10 help to dress up the look and frame your face, so you feel date-ready. A chunky vintage inspired turquoise cuff bracelet11 can’t hurt either, and will help you fit in among the vintage duds all around you.


But perhaps your summer date night will take a more nautical turn. Let the ocean be your guide for this one, opting to cool off with frosty blues like turquoise teardrop earrings12 set in a fine gold frame — a great addition to a gauzy white tunic worn over your bikini. Dress up your swimsuit look for a sailing adventure with this bib necklace13 whose deep blue stones emulate the swirling depths of the sea. A cocktail cruise might involve a little bit of water, but keep your look stylish with this blue leather wrap bracelet adorned in crystals14. Even if your date brings you to a lakeside restaurant to dine with a view of the water, stay breezy in blue with this mutli-strand bracelet15, taking the trend we love of layering beaded strands to your wrist, and giving your neck a break from doing all the heavy lifting.

No matter what the backdrop, you can be sweet and sexy all at once on your summer date with a few perfectly paired accessories. Remember to let the setting give you style clues and fill in the blanks with a little help from our ever evolving collection for all occasions.





Summer is the season of the wedding, and if it isn’t yours you’re preparing for, we’re guessing you have at least one big event to attend. Make sure to pair your perfect summer dress with the right accessories for a killer look that will turn heads and leave you the talk of the night. Although you never want to compete with the bride, it can’t hurt if people leave the nuptials remembering both the cocktail hour refreshments and the woman with the stunning ensemble — you!


Whether she’s your best friend since elementary school or a coworker you’ve become close to in the last few years, she’s invited you to be a part of this special milestone, so you must show up in style. Summer fabrics are light weight and airy, and this season is full of soft pastels as well bright pops of color, so the trick is to balance your jewelry with your dress. For a backyard wedding on the more casual side, a cotton tank dress fits the bill. A subtle floral print would pair perfectly with a rustic leather clutch1 in shades of brown. In keeping with earth tones for this less formal affair, adorn your neck with something simple yet eye catching, like a lagoon prism necklace by Lele Sadoughi2. Keeping it simple for a midday reception, dress up a scoop neck with a Marlee’s Exclusive Sunbaked Choker3, made from Italian resin formed into links that cascade gracefully around your neck.


For a high-end country club wedding you want to make sure you stand out in the glammed up crowd: go bold with a statement earring like these white and blue sapphire slice earrings4 by Elements or add a pop of color with seductive Alexis Bittar Lucite Drop Earrings5. A fabulous, sparkling hand-held bag functions as a piece of jewelry since you keep it close at hand, so why not add a pretty clutch to your look? We’re constantly swooning over the many color options of Moyna’s Fold Over Beaded Clutch Bag6. If you’re looking to make a more subtle statement but want to keep it sophisticated, we love diamonds. Diamonds and weddings just work, and clear stones match every dress and make great additions to any jewelry wardrobe for events to come. Layer simple strands on an open neckline or even over a high collared dress with Marlee’s Exclusive CZ By The Yard Necklace7. Keeping it simple in the color department in your jewelry means you can add a bit more sparkle, so add a Double Bar Ring8 by Dana Rebecca and a diamond bangle9 to balance out the look.


Freshwater pearls are just that, fresh and beautiful, and the gray color of the pearls on Margo Morrison’s Pearl Necklace10 is reminiscent of the early morning mist over the lake on a summer morning. A strand of these would be a perfect look for an outdoor wedding on the water. To complement the allure of a backless dress or deeply scooped back bodice, skip the necklace all together and chose a dangling earring that reacts to your movement. These Black Chain Drop Earrings11 slink like liquid, dancing playfully right above your shoulders, while Crystal Capped lucite earrings12 actually look like crystalized liquid, frozen in time, a cool accessory for a hot summer evening. Ombre is still having a fashionable moment, and we love the interpretation of ombre through the subtly of crystals encrusting chain links in these KMO Paris bracelets, available in matches-everything black13 and of-the-moment green14.


Attending the wedding of some friends who are a bit more of the DIY-variety? For a more artsy affair, you must be part of the avant-garde. Have some fun with dressing up with the Ostrich Feather Pouchette by Rarity15 in lavender. Embellish your wrist and fingers all at once with a hand chain by Lacey Ryan16 in warm, summery gold tones. Keeping with the funky aesthetic, go big with an earring, like jade beaded disc drop earrings by Miguel Ases17. Or if earrings don’t quite work with your flutter sleeve midi dress, opt for a pretty bauble like a Stroili Oro Lace Filigree Pendant18.

Whatever type of summer soirée you’re attending, you owe it to yourself to be a stand-out and stylish guest. You’ll be in the background in that couple’s wedding photos forever. Why not be the best dressed on the dance floor in those memories?




Sultry summer days have finally come, and as far as we can tell, they are here to stay. The next few months are going to be full of as much outdoor time as we can get our hands on. As always, comfort is the most essential when choosing your wardrobe, and when the summer heat wave hits, all we want to wear is easy, breezy clothing. To keep your look interesting this summer, go simple with the duds and a little wild with the jewelry. You won’t regret it.

Delicate Earrings

This summer, it’s all about the ears. Take a walk on the wild side with a mismatched pair of studs with precious stone detailing. If you’re feeling a bit more daring, these Strioli Oro flower earrings are the perfect piece to try that trendy and effortlessly cool asymmetric style. For ladies with multiple piercings, try pairing some dainty studs with hoop earrings. Earrings are infinitely versatile so don’t be afraid to mix it up!


Necklace envy

You know that globetrotting friend of yours who is always sporting incredible jewelry from her last vacation in countries that you’ve never even heard of? Yeah, we’re jealous of her bling too. No worries though, we have more than enough exotic pieces to challenge any jetsetters trinket collection. We love to throw on a long beaded piece or layer simple strands with one of these cool Batlana coin pendants to achieve that coveted cool-girl vibe.




Wrap it up!

We love the aesthetic of an armful of leather and woven beaded bracelets. They add a splash of color and interest to every ensemble without overwhelming. Choose one or two for a subtle effect or turn it up a notch with a stack of these arm candy essentials.







The weather is warm, the days are long, and the music is all about summer love and kicking back with a cold one. That’s right, festival season has arrived! It’s an exciting time of year for the young, the wild, and the free..or at least those lucky enough to attend all the fantastic summer events. But let’s ask the very important question, the one that hangs over your head as you contemplate which festivities you will attend…what will you wear?

Have no fear! Marlee’s has got you covered!

We’ve put together this guide to ease your every worry. After all, summertime is about relaxing and having a good time. Leave the difficult questions to us.

First off: the essential crossbody bag. The crossbody is small enough to lug around all day, but large enough to fit all of your necessities. Choose a neutral earthy color this season, which pairs perfectly with any of your wardrobe choices.



After being out in the sun all day long, even a supermodel would need to powder her nose. This Rowallan of Scotland compact mirror slips discretely into your purse or pocket. Not to mention that it comes in the most delicious raspberry color.



Lots of embellishment is a must when it comes to a festival. Wear this selection of layered necklaces with a scarf and your favorite denim jacket for just the right amount of boho-chic.

Layered jewelry

Don’t worry! We could never forget the indispensable tie-dyed gear. The tie-dye technique became popular in the 1960’s, following the example of rock stars Janis Joplin and John Sebastian. It’s since become a classic look for festival attendees around the world. These tops, scarves, and skirts by Brightly Twisted are hand-dyed and one of kind. Pair them with comfortable sandals and a floppy hat for an outfit that is festival perfection.

Brightly Twisted