Last June, found Leora Tapper strolling the fashionable streets of Paris with its tree-lined boulevards and stylish baguette-toting pedestrians. Accompanied by her mother and sister-in-law on a joint-birthday trip, the three decided to celebrate in the best way possible-they went shopping. The ladies ventured to the fabled flea markets of the city, famous for their stalls full of crazy jumbles of unique finds and cherished treasures, on the prowl for new Marlee’s merchandise.

Wishing to incorporate her passion for estate jewelry into the Marlee’s world, Leora sifted through tables full of jewelry and accessories. The statement retro appeal of vintage pieces look good on everyone and add a sophisticated edge to any outfit-one the fits perfectly with the Marlee’s vision. Armed with her extensive background in estate jewelry, Leora was able to zero in on these stunning, vintage Chanel pieces and authenticate them as the ‘real deal’.

ch3Gold-plated and crystal-lined double pearl drop earrings;gold-plated crystal leaf clip earrings

The signature look of Coco Chanel is often thought of as understated and simple, sometimes even severe. Chanel designed jewelry, however, that offered a fascinating counterpoint to her apparel. Her jewelry was bold and theatrical, and deftly mixed both fine and faux materials. The look is so chic that it’s no small wonder it is still in fashion nearly a century later.

chanel-2Gold-plated turquoise clip earrings.

ch1Gold-plated link & hook necklace;silver-plated dome ring.

ch4Gold-plated CC pearl clip earrings.

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