Glamping is simply the activity of camping amped up a bit to be glamorous and comfortable. This is the perfect summer getaway for those of us who want to enjoy the great outdoors while retaining some creature comforts and avoiding some of the more pesky elements of the wild. If you sit on the side of the fence that wants the best of both worlds — the rustic freedom of nature and some tiny first world luxuries; then you have to look the part. While you are packing your overnight bag with some cute cut-offs, a tented tank and gladiator sandals, don’t forget to throw in some killer accessories to keep your look fresh and summery throughout your adventure.MAR-July-Glamping-01Sleeping outside doesn’t have to mean a makeup-less face and dirty hair. We have dry shampoo and tinted primer to remedy those. When packing for your glamping excursion, throw all your beautifying essentials in a tote bag that replicates the stars under which you’ll sleep, like this metallic perforated leather tote that’s the perfect amount of roomy. Let nature be your style inspiration for all your accessories, since that is where you will be spending your time. Capture the simple elegance of wild flowers in a Dconstruct Jewelry cuff, created by pressing a natural floral arrangement between two layers of eco-resin. This piece is not only inspired by nature – it is nature. Want something a bit more glam? Try this Karine Sultan cuff sculpted to look like a tangle of tree branches, then plated in 24k matte gold, to create a bramble of vines that encircles your wrist.


A comfy cotton romper with a drawstring waist is both a stylish choice and a smart one for a glamping trip when you need to look great and pack light. A one and done garment like this can be paired with weather proof jellies that won’t get ruined in the mud and a brightly colored necklace created in part from the tagua nut tree, like those imposing trees that create the canopy above you. Make sure when you start to pack your glam picnic with artisanal cheeses and seasonal fruit, to throw in a peach or two — or maybe just this peach macramé wrap bracelet, which is great worn alone or layered with another naturalistically inspired piece from Wakami like this black and gold leaf bracelet.


Trade the baseball cap for a floppy straw hat and some labradorite and leaf charm earrings. A roomy tunic and leggings combo affords mobility for any hiking you might partake in during your adventure. When accessorized with a painted sandalwood bangle or two and necklace made from clay beads, this look will stop any predator in their tracks. Lumberjack plaid has its place on a sheer chiffon blouse over skinny jeans and studded booties. Keep the look rugged yet refined with a stack of macramé friendship bracelets, like the ones you probably made at camp during childhood summers. Birds of a feather flock together on this camo scarf, a little piece of luxury that could keep you cozy on a cool night under the stars. Feather details are pretty and the perfect glamping accessory for summer. Try a long necklace with feather charms and white beads over a sheer cotton button down and cuffed jeans. Keep track of time the modern way if you can’t read the sun’s position, with this tortoise shell timepiece by Michael Kors.

MAR-July-Glamping-04Just in case your glamping experience isn’t glam enough – add some diamonds to the mix, the sure way to up the elegance ante. Keep up the nature inspiration with a pave diamond ring whose double leaves curl gracefully around your finger. A little sparkle at your collar is just what you need while exploring the great outdoors. This micro pave tree of life pendant necklace is the perfect bit a shine for the deep, dark woods. Enjoy the natural elements all around you while sipping wine from unbreakable stemware and allow some other natural elements to envelop your neck like those of this Faire Collection aqua playita necklace made from tagua discs, acai and pambil beads.

As long as you’ve packed your chintz printed tent and fluffy pillow, your glamping experience will be one to remember. But looking the part and keeping up your style savvy means packing those waterproof rain boots and your favorite jewels. There is no reason a camping trip can’t be another travel experience that you mold to fit your own needs and your expectations. Take your time to find the right mix of rustic meets pretty as you set off on your glamping adventure this summer.