This weekend, Marlee’s is showcasing an extended selection of the Elements Collection at Twelve Oaks Mall. The merchandise has been pouring in all week, and we couldn’t help but get excited to the point of giddiness over the stunning pieces. The Collection will include one-of-a-kind pieces; each one is truly an incredible work of craftsmanship.

elementsblog2The Elements Collection includes pieces set with diamonds and raw gemstones in unique, artistic arrangements. These rings are signature designs from the collection, with their graceful forms set with glittering diamonds.


The collection includes delicate pieces, with whimsical filigree designs set with glittering gemstones, like these gorgeous drop earrings. These are perfect for a special event or to wear to all the parties coming up this holiday season!

Looking for a statement piece? These wide bangles get the job done with surfaces encrusted with vibrant colored gemstones. They are so wonderfully versatile- we picture them being dressed up with a little black dress, or pairing perfectly with jeans and a sweater.

elementsblog1 Some of our favorite pieces include unique materials such as ivory or wood, like this wooden wing-shaped necklace, bordered in diamonds. They have a lovely organic feel to them, neither overwhelming your outfit our blending too much into the background.


elementsblog8All of the pieces are perfect for gift-giving. If you are searching for something special, you can choose a one-of-a-kind piece, like this beautiful emerald green ring or wing necklace. If you want to give a similar gift to a group of people, the collection includes an extensive assortment of the same design in multiple colors, shapes and sizes!


Don’t forget to stop by this Friday and Saturday at Marlee’s Twelve Oaks! We’re offering a special discount of 20% off during the show-you definitely don’t want to miss this trunk show!


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