Geometric Jewelry | Marlee's

All those math skills you learned in school may finally come in handy in the real world! For a sleek, ultra-modern look, you may want to dust off some of that geometry knowledge. Today’s hottest jewelry brings geometric shapes (i.e. triangles, squares and circles) to the forefront. Let’s explore some of the most popular geometric jewelry available at Marlee’s.

Sassy Square-Shaped Necklaces

The square is a symbol of balance and structure, and when used in jewelry, it can add a modern, sophisticated element to your outfit. Take a look at some of our trendiest square jewelry:

  • Stay True, Stay You: This simple and classy square pyramid necklace1 by Dogeared is perfect for layering; one of this seasons hottest jewelry trends!
  • Hammered Gold: Don’t be square—make a statement! This unforgettable bib necklace2 by Karine Sultan features hammered squares dipped in 24 karat gold for a bold, stylish look.

Circular Elegance

The circle is one of the most common shapes in the universe. It’s the shape of the sun, the earth and so many things in between. A perfect circle represents unity and simplicity, and it’s simply a classic when it comes to jewelry design.

  • Universally Simple: Stroili Oro describes its contemporary jewelry as universally simple, and that simplicity resonates in these bezel set crystal circle earrings3.
  • Double Circles = Double the Glam: This double circle bangle4 from our Glisten collection is elegantly crafted of rose gold dipped sterling silver and features a delicate, sparkling circle on each end.

Hit a Fashion Trifecta with Triangles

Looking to modernize your look? By infusing triangle shapes into your wardrobe, you can add an edge to your style—three edges to be precise! Triangles are a very versatile shape and can be incorporated into a wide range of patterns. Here are a few of our favorite triangle looks:

  • Trendy Triangles: Did you know that an upside down triangle is a symbol of femininity? The champagne diamonds in these upside down triangle earrings5 allow you to flaunt your feminine elegance, while the black sterling silver brings a mysterious edge.
  • Modern Minimalism: Take a classic gold chain bracelet up a notch with the addition of three tiny triangles covered in 22 glitzy pave diamonds. Check out this simple, modern triple triangle bracelet6 from our Fringe collection.

Bonus Shape: Pixilated Rhombus

Remember the days in elementary school when you were stuck inside for recess and played with geometric blocks to create fun patterns? These rose gold Jeb earrings7 by Dana Rebecca remind us of the good times! These unique, diamond-speckled earrings bring a touch of nostalgia along with their delicate elegance.

For more trendy geometric jewels, shop Marlee’s online or in-store at any of our three Metro Detroit locations! Show us your geometric style on social media with hashtag #MyMarlees!