It seems like there is never enough summer and never enough time for us to travel to all the beautiful places we’ve been dreaming of seeing. Whenever we do make it to one of our dream destinations, the time slips by much too quickly in a whirlwind of new experiences and adventure. The Marlee’s travel series is all about bringing those faraway places a little closer to home, by incorporating the inspiration that we’ve found in the distinctive appearance of a destination spot.  Allow us to take you on an adventure; from the architecture of Parisian streets, to the sparkling waters of the Caribbean Sea, we’ll show you how our pieces can capture and recreate the magic of travel.

And so, we begin our journey in the western hemisphere, swooping down toward the equator, to the islands of the Caribbean.


For those of you who have been there, you’ll recall the houses painted in a dizzying rainbow of vivid colors, the mouth-watering cocktails, the swaying of palm trees, and the unbelievably crystal-clear turquoise water. We suggest loading up on vibrant pieces, like this bright orange coral bracelet, pink sliced stone, blue bead bracelet, and hot-pink scarf, that will give you that pop of color and remind of your favorite Island places.

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The absolute peace that comes from being surrounded by shimmering  water cannot be replaced, nor does this photo do justice to the beauty of the turquoise colors of the Caribbean Sea. To keep the memory of those waters fresh, we suggest wearing a seafoam green necklace , bracelet, or earrings with the colors of the deepest parts of the sea.Blog4

If lounging on the white sandy beaches gets old, the mysteries of the sea await, with waving colonies of coral and darting fish right beneath the surface. Rent a snorkel set or go scuba diving for the day and discover the wonders of the underwater world. Since grabbing a piece of coral to take home is not a good option, opt instead for a gorgeous coral or sea-shell jewelry piece, and take the striking beauty of the sea with you wherever you go. These corral earrings and necklace, pearl collar, and seashell bracelet are all fabulous options.


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The beautiful surroundings of the islands are accompanied by a wonderfully, relaxed way of life; completely foreign from the often fast-paced American lifestyle. Days can be spent lazing in the blazing sun, sipping ice-cold cocktails, and listening to the soft thump of reggae music. And if you feel like a bit of adventure, the turquoise playground of the Caribbean Sea awaits. These low-key pieces evoke the relaxing energy and island vibes that make the Caribbean such a refreshing place to visit. A beaded wrap bracelet, a loosely tied scarf, or the simple message of this Live, Laugh, Love disc necklace can help make those zen island vibes last once you’re back home.Blog1 (2)

Walking around the islands, you’ll see lush tropical landscapes, filled with chirping birds, green iguanas, and bright flowers. Many of the plants may be completely new to you, causing you to stop, transfixed by their unusual shapes, smells, and colors. Simple floral studs, a pressed flower bangle, or even a leaf ring or necklace are wonderful way to remember the islands’ colorful landscapes.

Coming back home from such an incredibly beautiful place can be a bit of a downer. We hope that these jewelry pieces will inspire you both to travel to the Caribbean, and help to keep the beauty alive beyond your time spent there. Bon Voyage!