Travel Inspired Jewelry by Marlee's

Summer is simply the perfect time for traveling. School is out, things are a bit more laid back at work and you’re probably itching to get out and see the world after being cooped up all winter. However, (sadly) not all of us can enjoy the luxury of traveling across the globe for weeks on end. But don’t fret! Even if you can’t travel abroad this summer, you can still feel like you’re on vacation by infusing your everyday style with accessories inspired by your favorite exotic destinations.


Inspiration: Uruguay

Brimming with exotic wildlife and stunning beaches, Uruguay merges cultural sophistication with natural beauty. HIPCHIK’s founder, Andrea Rosenberg infuses her Uruguayan roots into every piece of jewelry she creates. This tiger wood with elephant necklace1, for example, features brown tiger wood beads, pave beads and an elephant pendant for a unique, South American flair.


Inspiration: Morocco

The African country of Morocco is covered with vast desserts and sky-high mountains, providing endless opportunities for adventure. Moroccan fashion is bright colored, flowy and comfortable to accommodate for the hotter than hot weather. But the most unique feature of Moroccan style is the abundance of bold gold embellishments. Temporarily embellish your skin for a Moroccan-inspired look with these Moroccan Sun gold and silver temporary tattoos2.


Inspiration: Israel

The hamsa is a Hebrew symbol of protection, blessings, power and strength and is believed to shield wearers from the evil eye. This “good luck” charm is very popular in Israeli jewelry design, and among the worldwide Jewish and Islamic populations. Integrate a bit of Israeli charm into your own jewelry collection with this diamond hamsa and evil eye beaded necklace3, or choose this unique evil eye bracelet4 to ward off evil spirits!


Inspiration: India

India is a bustling country characterized by its spirituality and diversity. Its traditional values are reflected in Indian fashion, with women often wearing colorful saris embellished with intricate details and bold jewelry. If you can’t get across the pond this summer, you can infuse a little Indian culture into your jewelry collection with these emerald5, ruby6 and black diamond7 bangles.


Inspiration: Caribbean Islands

On the tropical islands of the Caribbean, there’s no shortage of fun in the sun! With sprawling beaches and lively coral reefs, the Caribbean is an ideal destination for those who like a mix of relaxation and excitement. Harness the bright colors of the Caribbean with a found “treasure.” For example, this one-of-a-kind vintage Chanel dome ring8 reminds us of a jellyfish that you might spot while scuba diving in the Caribbean sea!

A little cultural diversity in your jewelry collection will give you the look of a well-traveled adventurer, whether you leave the country or not! So, where will your jewelry take you this summer?