Want to rock edgy fashion? Statement pieces that feature thick, industrial chains have been trending and can help you get that hard, high fashion look. The trick to pulling it off is balance. Pair chunky chain pieces with outfits that are slick and simple. We’ve got a variety of exciting chain-inspired jewelry that you can pair with basics clothing you already have in your closet. Trust us, once you start accessorizing with these awesome pieces, those “basics” won’t feel quite so basic anymore.


Chunky Chain Jewelry | Marlee's

Biker Chic

If you’re going right for the tough chick look, make your clothing canvas all black and grey. Start by pairing this elastic chain ring1 with shiny black nails and a sexy smoky eye. Then look for anything else in your wardrobe that feels “charcoal” or “liquid black”— leather boots, sheer leggings, perhaps a form-fitting LBD. Toss on this spectrum choker2 along with a black leather jacket and you are officially sizzling. We recommend an outfit like this for concerts, parties and adventurous dates.


Chunky Chain Jewelry | Marlee's

Class Act

If you prefer a look that feels more sophisticated, wear warm neutral tones like brown and cream. This pono bracelet3 will compliment natural nails and an A-line look. Pair it with a simple, feminine dress in a light color and your best business heels. If you love matching, we have a set of gold plated chain earrings4 and a chain necklace5 that will look nice against a fitted blazer and wide-bottom khaki slacks. For makeup lovers who want this look, go for dewy skin, strong brows and a thin cat eye. We recommend this style for work, business events and perhaps a Sunday brunch.


Chunky Chain Jewelry | Marlee's

Tough Love

To achieve a style that feels edgy, yet romantic, reach for your favorite jeans and solid color shirts. Chunky chain jewelry will add a refreshing flare to your all-American look. This Bordeaux necklace6 has a visually striking chain design in a glossy maroon that can match your favorite wine-colored nail polish. We’re picturing it with dark skinny jeans and a grey crew neck. This triple row cable chain necklace7 is a bit more bold and playful. Wear it with a black turtle- or v-neck and some light denim jeans. We recommend this “tough love” style for work in a casual office, play and everyday fashion.


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